Top Paying Affiliate Programs to Make Quick Money Online

Top Paying Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online

Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online It’s always great to know that you have a passive income on the side that doesn’t need much effort or a huge investment. Here you will find Top Paying Affiliate Programs that in my opinion are awesome to make extra money online. You can implement these affiliate links into your blog or Pinterest profile. Did you know that selling on Pinterest is very lucrative and it helps you to make quick money online?

I’m sure you’re familiar with Pinterest website, otherwise you wouldn’t read this article. How many times you saved a pin for your favorite recipe or new travel tips? Every time when you click on the Pinterest images and land on the website where you can purchase something the owner of the pin makes money online. Pinterest Affiliate Marketing gives the opportunity to earn money online even if you don’t have a blog or special social media skills.

What is Affiliate Marketing & Affiliate Program?

Affiliate meaning is simple, you are getting paid by a company to promote or recommend their products or services. Brands have realized the value of personal recommendations over basic paid advertising to reach for more customers. Some merchants do require a blog in order to be approved for their affiliate programs and affiliate links, nevertheless there are many that don’t. (Anyhow you can check my course how to start a blog within 1-2 hours with the secret link for the lowest but very reliable domain price, just 1$ a month!). By applying for these merchants, you can promote their products simply by creating beautiful pins and adding them to your Pinterest profile. Furthermore you earn money per sale it means when someone clicks on the pin and makes a purchase.

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

This is an easy explanation how to start Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online. I’ve heard from many bloggers that Pinterest is a great platform to get your blog ranking high in search engines but I’ve never paid much attention to it for a long time. My main intention was also to promote my blog with travel-related pins and not to make money. Then I discovered that more and more bloggers are using Pinterest to make extra money online and it made me curious. So the first thing I did was

Converted my Pinterest profile into a Pinterest business account. It’s free and super fast. Afterwards you will be able to access your analytics so you can see the information about your audience and their preferences.

Used SEO especially in the username & bio. Board titles are also very important, they need to be simple and easily understandable. Just think what do you type in the Pinterest search box when you’re looking for something. And of course each board needs to have a good SEO description in full sentences with keywords.

Choose a specific niche for your affiliate programs to join. Here are some examples of Affiliate Marketing Examples where you don’t need to have a blog to apply. Simply use the Pinterest link with implemented affiliate links. Nevertheless you can also implement them into your blog articles.

Top Paying Affiliate Programs That Makes Money

Most companies affiliate through ShareAsale that’s why you need to signed up here gratis first. And these are the top paying affiliate programs you can apply for, I know it because I’m using them as well:

    • Cricut has a 45-day cookie and pays a 12% commission.
    • Erin Condren has a 30-day cookie and pays a 7% commission. Everyone is promoting planners because they are one of the top sellers on Pinterest.
    • Craftsy is a lovely affiliate for crafts and DIY projects.
    • Pretty Darn Cute Designs has a 30-day cookie and pays a 25% commission.
    • Tailwind has a 90-day cookie and pays 50 cents per sign up for the free trial. Afterwards 15% if someone upgrades to paid version.

(Cookies is a tracking method that gives you more time for the buyer to decide to buy the product. If he or she clicked on the link and landed on the website it can take “x” amount of days until the person decides to purchase the product or services and you will get commissions anyway.

    How to promote Top Paying Affiliate Programs with Pinterest images

    1. It’s important to stay active on the Pinterest to be the first in line of the search engine results. Nevertheless it’s impossible to spend the whole day in front of your laptop or PC so there is a great solution created by Pinterest, Tailwind. Try it out to organize and automate your pins, sign up and first 100 pins are for free. All Pinterest pros are using it at the moment.
    2. Use high-quality images with titles and insert affiliate links in your pins. The secret of being successful on Pinterest is to create visually beautiful pins that are standing out from the others so it will make people want to click on them. You can take your own pictures, find some on the website of the merchant or some programs that offer downloading of pictures for free.
    3. Create pins in the size of 600 x 900 but also find more niche specific group boards and join them. Repin their pins to get noticed by the others. There are also plenty of various Facebook groups where bloggers help each other with Pinterest pins. If you need a list of Facebook Pinterest groups just subscribe to my blog and write in the comments that you would like to have it and I will send it to you! Important to mention that you need to pin to the relevant board.

    Don’t expect to see your bank account getting filled with dollars immediately. It will take some time, let your pins with affiliate links circulate on the Pinterest network while others repin them.

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